Made with plants,
not petroleum

We’ve created a new hydrogen peroxide that’s made entirely from plants.


We’re on a mission
to clean up cleaning.


Our mission

We believe that the chemicals we use to clean our homes should help not harm. That they should be safe for us to use everyday, and that the production of these chemicals shouldn’t just be emissions-free, but actually reduce the CO2 in our atmosphere.

Instead, the chemicals in our cleaning products are dangerous, contaminated, expensive, and come with an enormous carbon footprint. They're made from toxic substances like petroleum, and we’re using them to clean our countertops. There had to be a better solution. 

Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into just water and oxygen, making it the safest way to clean. However, current hydrogen peroxide products on the market are contaminated with toxins, mixed with other toxic chemicals, and created using a nonrenewable manufacturing process.

We’ve created a revolutionary manufacturing process to create contaminant-free hydrogen peroxide using wind energy, air, water, and plant starch. A major innovation that's safe for the environment, and safe for us.




Bioperoxide is composed of plant-based hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid—a natural preservative that’s found in honey, wine and fruit. It’s made without petroleum and with only a fraction of the energy of traditional manufacturing processes, so we can clean our homes without dirtying the environment.

See how we do it


One doctor, one scientist, one big discovery

Bioperoxide was the joint discovery of a doctor researching cancer and a scientist on an environmentally led mission. Together, they’re cleaning up the cleaning industry.


We’re tapping into nature to clean up the mess. 

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